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On Monday, Emily Bourke, a reporter for the “AM” show featuring Tony Eastley of Australia’s ABC Public Broadcasting Station, interviewed O’Donnell Clark & Crew attorney Kelly Clark about how lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America have caused the organization to re-examine their “Perversion Files” and how they documented, but generally chose not to report, the allegations of sexual abuse of children by the men who were given the responsibility of leading and supervising them.

When Bourke asked him why the Boy Scouts chose not to report those files in the past, Clark answered:

They viewed these as internal, confidential documents. Only they didn’t deem that is was their job to investigate the credibility of these reports such that it was incumbent on them to report to law enforcement.

That argument that the scouts made didn’t sit very well with the Portland jury. They seemed to be incredulous that the Boy Scouts would not have had a policy of referring these allegations to law enforcement to investigate.

> To read the article at the ABC Radio website, click here.

Note:  Kelly Clark passed away on December 17, 2013