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Boy Scout Perversion Files-Repeat Offenders, More Children Betrayed

By October 30, 2012June 19th, 2020No Comments

The Boy Scouts’ Perversion Filestell a tale that is tragic and horrific.  Perhaps the worst part is that many of these volunteers or leaders were repeat offenders who were never properly investigated.  If they had been, so many of our young children would have been spared the horror of child abuse.  Here’s the assessment of a Scripps Howard News reporter who studied the files, “A Scripps news team’s examination of 1,881″ineligible volunteer files” dating from 1970 through 1991 shows that the Boy Scouts were plagued by systemic failures that left its young members at risk for decades.

Among the findings:

At least 101 Scout leaders accused of sexual molestation had faced previous allegations of abusing Scouts, but had not been kicked out of the organization.

In at least 88 cases, Scout officials failed to conduct adequate background checks and allowed men with prior criminal convictions, often for child molestation, into Scouting.”