Douglas James Young, Jr.LEBANON, Ore. — A Lebanon, Oregon area Boy Scouts of America leader has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a minor.

Police say Douglas James Young Jr. was arrested Tuesday on five counts of sex abuse in the first degree and four counts of sex abuse in the second degree. The investigation into the alleged crime began Feb. 28, 2017 when it was reported Young had inappropriate contact with a child.  During the course of the investigation, additional victims, who are now adults, were contacted and interviewed, according to news reports.

According to media reports, Young is a current Boy Scouts leader.  This is particularly concerning because, according to media reports, police say they’ve had contact with Young several times in the past 12 years over alleged sexual abuse.  (Media reports that no charges were filed in those instances.)

Additional victims, who are now adults, were contacted and interviewed by police, according to media reports.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and additional charges are likely.

Anyone with information in regards to this case is asked to call Lebanon police detective Ryan Padua at 541-258-4325.

Crew Janci law firm has represented dozens of victims of sexual abuse in Scouting here in Oregon.  Attorneys from Crew Janci were part of the Plaintiff’s trial team in the 2010 case of Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America, which resulted in a $19.9 million verdict for the victim.  In that case, several of our attorneys helped the team win the release of a large portion of the Boy Scouts’ secret files on pedophile Scout Leaders (called the “Ineligible Volunteer files”).  Those files are available on our website.

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