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Boy Scouts Perversion Files’ Release Coming Very Soon

By October 8, 2012December 22nd, 2015No Comments

After long months of work, we are finally ready to make a public release of the Boy Scouts’ “Perversion” files, showing what the Boy Scouts knew about child abuse and when they knew it.  This will likely happen in the next week or so, and so you’ll want to stay tuned.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Los Angeles Times, which has done two good recent articles on these files, as well as to pioneer Patrick Boyle, who originally broke the story of these files in the 1990s with his book, Scouts’ Honor: Sexual Abuse in America’s Most Trusted Institution, and has written some good recent material on the significance of the Perversion files as well.  Working together, we are getting the word out about abuse in trusted institutions, including the Boy Scouts of America.

Finally, here is a story about a Boy Scout abuse lawsuit filed in Seattle, with two courageous brothers stepping forward.