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Ever since the release of the behind-the-scenes “Access Hollywood” tape that showed Donald Trump bragging crudely about propositioning a married woman, the American political right has been divided into three camps.

Those camps are comprised of those who have turned on Trump, those who have defended him absolutely, and those who say “well, he’s still better than Hillary.”

Scottie Nell Hughes, who has been a longtime supporter of the Trump campaign, spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon about the accusations, explaining why she believed that Lemon’s parallel to Bill Cosby was flawed:

“The difference between Bill Cosby and Donald Trump is that there’s actual evidence that something happened with those women and it was not a time period with just 26 days before an election against somebody else.

That’s what makes this very questionable, and there are holes in some of these women’s arguments.

What’s really the problem is that we’ve spent all day talking about this when what really is the main issue…we should be talking about…

It’s not more important than John Podesta.”

That’s when Lemon interrupted her: “I hate to interrupt, but it’s a very important issue. I have to say, it’s very insulting especially as someone who is a survivor of sexual abuse and who is the product of a single mother and was raised with all sisters…I would say that this is a very important issue.”

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