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Oregon Boy Scout Abuse

Donald Santy, Former Boy Scouts Troop 28 Leader and Executive Director of Boys' Club of Portland, Molested Boys

By November 26, 2013June 20th, 2020No Comments
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Donald Santy

Back in 1963, Donald Santy, a former chairman and institutional representative for Portland Boy Scouts Troop 28  and Executive Director of the Boys’ Club of Portland, was charged with contributing to the delinquincy of a minor–and had allegedly admitted to “performing acts of sexual perversion with boys.”.

The Portland Area Council of Boy Scouts of America created an Ineligible Volunteer file, which they also called a “Perversion File,” on Santy.  That file is available online, here.

BSA staff created these files on Scout leaders accused of inappropriate conduct with children, including sexually abusing, molesting, or exploiting Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts.

In the confidential record sheet documenting Santy’s  ineligibility, Scout Executive Guy Miller notes that Santy was employed as a district Scout executive in Chicago, as well as working with kids in Seattle.

According to the BSA National Council’s  Deputy Regional Executive Robert Rusby, Donald Santy was convicted of “a morals charge.”

If you have any information about this Boy Scout leader and former Boys’ Club Executive Director Donald Santy, or if any Scout  employee or volunteer engaged in sexually abusive conduct with you or a friend, we would like to talk to you on a confidential basis.  Please contact us at 503-306-0224, or email us.