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Families of molested Boy Scouts suing organization

By May 24, 2010June 22nd, 2020No Comments

May 21, 2010

ST. PETERSBURG – The families of three boys molested by convicted felon and former Pasco County Scoutmaster Steven Greenleaf filed a lawsuit Friday in St. Petersburg against the Boy Scouts of America and its affiliated West Central Florida Council, saying the organization failed to protect the Scouts from Greenleaf’s predatory ways.

Greenleaf is serving a 12-year term in prison after his October 2009 convictions.

The lawsuit says the Boy Scouts didn’t follow its own internal guidelines when it comes to training parents to spot the signs of pedophilia.

Jennifer, who did not want to give her last name, is the mother of a boy, then 9, who fell victim to Greenleaf. She says her son is depressed and rarely leaves the house.

“His hopes and dreams and goals have vanished,” she said. “And the worst part of all is that all this could have been prevented by following simple guidelines. Guidelines that were in place to protect my son, our sons,” she said.

Two local attorneys on the case are being helped by attorney Kelly Clark of Portland, Ore. Clark recently won a $20 million verdict against the Boy Scouts.

A lawyer who represents the Boy Scouts of America said he could not comment on pending litigation.