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Anthony Salvo (image credit: Orange Co. Jail)

Anthony Salvo (image credit: Orange Co. Jail)

A Florida teacher named Anthony Salvo was recently arrested for allegedly molesting students; he is currently being held without bond. His charges include lewd and lascivious molestation of a child between 12 and 15 years old, and the false imprisonment of a child less than 13 years old.

Information from his personnel file, as reported by WFTV in Florida, shows that Salvo previously worked for three other schools across the state.

Salvo worked near Fort Lauderdale in early 2014 at the Ben Gamla Charter School. It’s not yet clear why Salvo left Fort Lauderdale, but he then moved across the state to Fort Myers where he taught for only three months at Coronado High School.  Salvo was fired from Coronado after he told a student he was attracted to her, then refused to apologize.

Renaissance Charter School then hired Salvo, where he is now accused of molesting at least two students. According to Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeff Weiner, both victims at the Renaissance School disclosed being trapped by Salvo in a classroom against their will and touched without their consent.

Salvo has admitted this conduct to investigators, and confessed to them that he was sexually attracted to his students and had masturbated in his classroom on 20 to 30 occasions.

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WFTV reports that a former school principal indicated that although Salvo did not have references, he was still hired as a teacher. According to that report, notes from previous colleagues stated that Salvo was a good teacher who cared about students.

Renaissance officials indicated that they require state and federal background checks for employees, but normally do not discuss reasons for resignation or termination from prior employment during hiring.According to investigators, Salvo has admitted there are other victims.

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