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Former Twin Cities Boy Scout Leader Found Guilty of Felony Sexual Assault of Minors

By May 5, 2011December 22nd, 2015No Comments

Peter Robert Stibal, a former Boy Scout Troop Leader, has been found guilty of 4 felony counts of sexual assault on 4 former minor troop members. Stibal sentencing is likely in June. The first degree sexual assault charges carry with them stiff penalties including more than 14 years in prison each. Prosecutors have already vowed to seek the high end of the guidelines due to the aggravating circumstances of the particular crimes. In addition to the charges for which a jury found him guilty, Stibal will be tried on separate counts for the possession of child pornography on his computer. Stibal’s arrest and conviction is the latest of legal troubles for the Boy Scouts of America nationally. The sexual abuse of minor boys has plagued the organization for years now and the resulting lawsuits has demonstrated the Boy Scouts lack of adherence to their own mandated policies for the protection of children.