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Indiana Boy Scout Volunteer Arrested for International Child Pornography

By December 11, 2013June 22nd, 2020No Comments

Auburn-indiana-courthouse-nightIn what law enforcement officials are describing as an international child sex ring, Indiana Boy Scout volunteer James McCullars has been arrested for being “part of an international child pornography ring. He is charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise and conspiracy to distribute and receive child pornography. Federal agents said members of his ring used the internet and U.S. Mail to discuss sexual interest in young boys and trade “substantial volumes” of child pornography.”

Some of the evidence gathered by police include several videos of boys between the ages of 8 and 10 engaged in sexual activity.  According to WSFA, the local NBC affiliate, “Officials with the University of Alabama in Huntsville confirmed McCullars was Director of Systems and Operations , Computer and Network Services for the university until 2009. Federal agents state McCullars volunteered with Boy Scouts of America at various events, including the National Jamboree.”

Alabama Media Group, a Alabama news outlet, described McCullars as an employee of the Boy Scouts of America in Huntsville. Court documents claim McCullars was active in an online chat room from 2008 until October 2011, trading child pornography and stories about molesting children.

McCullars maintains his innocence in spite of the mounting evidence against him.