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Charley HollinArticle from Fox 59

JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. – An accused child molester on the run for more than 16 years is finally behind bars.

The suspect, Charley Hollin, is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a young girl in Seymour way back in 1999.

The abduction took place outside a long now locked up girls club parking lot where a man forced a 10-year-old girl into his car at knife point.

The suspect drove to a remote county road, sexually assaulted the girl and threatened to kill her, before setting her free.

A driver who was passing by found the girl alone and naked.

Forensic evidence from the scene and evidence recovered from the car pointed to Hollin as a suspect. In 2000, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office filed two counts of felony confinement with a deadly weapon and three counts of child molestation against him.

Unfortunately, before prosecutors could arrest Hollin for the crime, Hollin took off landing him on the FBI’s most wanted list.

“While the investigation was pending he disappeared for a little over 16 years,” said U.S. attorney Josh Minkler.

Before his disappearance, Hollin claimed to have an assortment of fake hair pieces and mustaches to disguise himself. He allegedly told a coworker, “If you want to, and know how, you can become someone else, just like that, real easy.”

Minkler says Hollin stole the identity of an 8-year-old boy.  The certificate of death shows that boy, Andrew David Hall, died in a car crash in 1975.

Hollin, living under the name Andrew Hall, moved to Oregon before making one big mistake.

“He was identified by a passport photo that he had taken.  That’s how we got the lead,” said Minkler.

Using facial recognition technology on the passport, FBI agents arrested the now 61-year-old Hollin when they found him working at a Walmart store in Oregon.

“Today is a good day because we’re able to take this wanted photo down and hang this photo of Mr. Hollin being arrested at that Walmart,” said FBI special agent Greg Massa.

While the community of Seymour, including the victim’s family, is no doubt relieved by the arrest, prosecutors hope Hollin’s capture sends a message to criminals everywhere.

“You can run and try to hide, but if you commit a crime against a child, federal law enforcement will send the cavalry,” said Minkler.

Hollin has already appeared in federal court in Oregon and is due to be transported back Indiana soon.

Hollin faces up to 8 years for the federal charges of unlawful flight. If convicted of molestation charges in Jackson County, he could face decades in prison.

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Andria Seo

Andria Seo is an Associate Attorney at Crew Janci LLP. Andria is a graduate of the New York University School of Law. During law school, she worked with the National Center for Youth Law, the Legal Aid Society, and the NYCLU. Prior to joining the team at Crew Janci LLP, Andria advocated for vulnerable children and their families as a staff attorney at Partnership for Children’s Rights, a nonprofit based in New York City. Andria also previously worked assisting in the representation of victims of a terrorist attack in civil suits. Andria moved to Portland in 2016 and joined Crew Janci LLP in 2017. She is admitted to practice in Oregon and New York