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news-kellyclarkJan. 9, 2013 – Portland, OR January 9, 2013 – As an attorney fighting for children’s rights for the past 15 years, Kelly Clark knows what it is like to take on Goliath-like organizations and institutions.

From tackling the Catholic Church for its role in the sex abuse of children by its priests, to helping abuse survivors remain assertive in their quest to find justice against abusive Mormon church officials, Clark makes the task of fighting seemingly lost causes look easy.

So, when he took the Boy Scouts of America to task for covering up the nefarious and often sexually-deviant deeds of over one thousand volunteers who they had deemed unfit for service around young boys –and won, the nation, including legal publisher, Lawyers USA, noticed.

For his work in uncovering these files and making them readily available to the public on this website, Clark was given the Lawyers USA distinction as one of its “2012 Lawyers of the Year.”

Although honored by the title, Clark feels that his clients are equally responsible for bringing these facts to light, stating, “Advocating for people abused as children is one of the signal honors of my career, but any credit or award for this work always belongs to the survivors of abuse, who are the real heroes. My task is simply to help these folks find their voices, and then stand with them as they speak their truth. I am grateful to Lawyers USA for recognizing the importance of the child abuse cases.”

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