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Liberty High School Teacher in Jail Awaiting Bail Hearing on Child Abuse Charges

By May 28, 2012June 22nd, 2020No Comments
image credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office

image credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

According to a recent Oregonian article, Gregg Martin Jensen, a social studies teacher at Liberty High School in Hillsboro is in county jail on $850,000 bail right now awaiting a bail hearing Friday on 19 counts of “encouraging  child sex abuse, using a child in a display of sexual conductinflatable misting tunnel reviews, second- and third-degree sexual abuse and luring a minor.”

The 54 year-old Jensen, who has taught history at the high school since 2003, had a history of reprimands regarding inappropriate conduct with students from school officials predating his time at Liberty.  Prior to Liberty, he taught at Miller Education Center, where he was reprimanded for inappropriate conduct with students.  Rather than fire him, school officials allowed him to transfer to Liberty High School a year after his reprimand.

Recently, after photos of Jensen and an unnamed 16 year-old female student came to light on the social media site, Snapchat, he was investigated and put on administrative leave.

Immediately after his dismissal by school officials on April 24, he allegedly tried to commit suicide by drinking alcohol and crashing his vehicle into a ditch.

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