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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A 54-year-old man is being held on $6.5 million bail after being indicted by a grand jury for sex crimes against children dating back to March 2003.

Mark Alan Laverdure appeared in court September 20 where he was arraigned on the 27-count indictment that charges him with 21 counts of first-degree sexual abuse, two counts of first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, two counts of using a child in the display of sexually explicit conduct, and one count each of first-degree sodomy, and third-degree sexual abuse.

According to court records, detectives with the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Child Abuse Team have identified 5 female victims. The abuse is said to have occurred from March 2003 through June 2014.

Police have not said whether or not they believe there are additional victims; however, officials said the possibility of additional victims is a concern of investigators given the fact that 5 victims have already been identified and the allegations are said to have occurred over several years.

KOIN 6 News has learned that Laverdure had once been employed with the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA).

In a statement, NAYA Director of Finance Vega A. Tom wrote:

“We understand the desire to garner information about a past employee, but it is our policy to not disclose employee information without written consent from employee for confidentiality and security reasons. But as a matter of policy, practice and compliance, we conduct robust background checks and have grievance and recourse processes, which ensure we would not hire someone nor continue to employ a staff person with major criminal convictions or internal policy violations.”

Anyone with information on the case or Laverdure is asked to call the non-emergency line at 503.823.3333.

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