Here are some of the media links regarding the lawsuit we filed on Tuesday against the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our case intends to prove that there is a systemic problem of child sexual abuse within that organization.

In our clients’ cases, they were abused by a man in Oregon who was selected by SDA church officials to lead a local Pathfinders youth program, even though they knew that he had been previously convicted and imprisoned on child molestation and sexual abuse charges!

Here is the list of articles about this lawsuit:



Register Guard:


Fox News:


ABC News:


KOIN News:




SNAP Network:


Daily Journal:–Sex-Abuse-Lawsuit-Seventh-Day-Adventists/


AV Times:


Associated press:


Baltimore CBS Local:










Minnesota Star Tribune:


Spokesman Tribune:


Charisma News (Christian News):


WTOP 103.5:

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