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Mormon Bishop in Arizona Who Conducted Illicit Sexual Conversations With At Least Two Teen Boys Arrested

By February 17, 2014June 19th, 2020No Comments
Image credit: Mesa Police Dept.

Image credit: Mesa Police Dept.

A former Mormon bishop of the Lehi Second Ward of the Mesa LDS church was arrested last month for “trying to lure a teen boy for sexual exploitation,” as reported by the Mesa Police Department in Arizona.

53 year-old Michael Wayne Coleman is accused of allegedly offering to leave his wife and children to be with a 17 year old boy in Brazil.  The charges stemmed from another incident involving inappropriate computer conversations Coleman was having with a different 16 year-old boy.

According to a recent Mesa news report, Coleman, who also worked as a Regional Manager for the foreign-exchange student program, Educatius International, used his company-issued computer to develop relationships with teenage boys.

After allegedly requesting a “hug and a kiss” from the 16 year-old via a Facebook conversation, the boy reported his discomfort to Educatius, who, in turn, reported it to the MPD.

Coleman was immediately fired from his management position at the exchange student company, and his position as bishop with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints was also terminated.

This is similar to another recent post we wrote about another former bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who was arrested for sexual abuse of minors.

If you were abused by Mr. Coleman, or if you know of someone else who has been abused by another employee of Educatius or a leader in the LDS Church, contact us at 503-306-0224 or email today.