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New Oregon Boy Scout Abuse Lawsuit Filed

By July 28, 2011December 22nd, 2015No Comments

My colleagues Steve Crew, Peter Janci and I filed a new Boy Scout sex abuse lawsuit in Bend Oregon today.  The Oregon Boy Scout lawsuit was filed against the Boy Scouts of America, and concerned deceased Scoutmaster Ed Dyer, who was one of Oregon’s most notorious sex abusers.  During a span of 28 years, Dyer admitted to molesting at least 15 young boys, and we believe there were many more.  Like most pedophiles and sexual abusers, Dyer used his position of authority to attract and groom young boys before sexually molesting them.  Dyer was shot and killed by one of his victims, Louis Conner, in 1986.

 It’s a sad reminder of the enormous harm done by the sexual abuse of minors.  Twenty-five years after Dyer’s death, there is still pain and suffering.  Hopefully, today’s lawsuit filing is the first step in the quest for justice and healing for one courageous young man.