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Child Victims ActOn Monday, August 3, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation (S7082/A9036) which extended the Child Victims Act’s look back window deadline.

The Child Victims Act, which was signed into law in August 2019, allows sexual abuse survivors to file actions against public or private entities for previously time-barred claims. Initially, this Act provided a one-year window where the statute of limitations would not apply, allowing victims until August 14, 2020, to file a claim. In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis and resulting court shutdowns and slowdowns, Governor Cuomo has now extended that one-year window to a two-year window. Under the recent New York legislation, victims now have an opportunity to seek justice under the Child Victims Act until August 14, 2021.

Governor Cuomo stated, “The Child Victims Act brought a long-needed pathway to justice for people who were abused and helps right wrongs that went unacknowledged and unpublished for far too long and we cannot let this pandemic limit the ability for survivors to have their day in court.” The New York governor further recognized the importance of extending this lookback window and its impact. He remarked, “As New York continues to reopen and recover from a public health crisis, extending the lookback window is the right thing to do and will help ensure that abusers and those who enabled them are held accountable.”

If you or someone you care about was sexually abused as a child in New York, our New York-licensed attorneys may be able to help. We provide free, confidential, trauma-informed consultations to make sure victims understand their rights and options under the New York Child Victims Act. Call Crew Janci law firm today at 1-888-407-0224.

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Peter Janci

Peter has represented more than one hundred victims of sexual abuse over nearly a decade. In Spring of 2010, Peter Janci served as part of the Plaintiff’s trial team in Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America — a child sexual abuse trial in Portland, Oregon that resulted in a $19.9 million verdict for the Plaintiff. Peter has tried a number of jury and bench trials, in addition to representing clients at arbitration and meditation. Peter has also helped obtain dozens of other significant settlements for other survivors of sexual abuse.