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Timothy Grant Shaw Boy ScoutsNC Boy Scout leader abused multiple 12 year old victims in 2014.  During the investigation, police found stash of child porn on perpetrators phone and computer.

Troop Leader Timothy Grant Shaw II recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges that he sexually abused several 12-year-old Boy Scouts in 2014, according to recent media reports. The troop leader sexually abused the boys while he was supervising them during a Boy Scout camping trip at Carolina Beach State Park in March 2014.

The authorities were first alerted to the threat posed by troop leader Shaw by one of the victim’s parents.  Shaw was questioned by the police, who learned that his cell phone stored a collection of child pornography. During questioning, Shaw admitted to molesting the boy scouts. Police eventually seized Shaw’s home computer, which contained a collection of child pornography.

Shaw was indicted back in May of 2014 for his sexual abuse of the boy scouts. He was charged with nine counts of first-degree sex offense of a child, one count of second-degree sex offense of a child, one count of third-degree sex offense of a child and one count of felony disseminate obscenity. Shaw pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in New Hanover County Superior Court, according to media reports.

Shaw was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison. According to media reports, Shaw will be required to register as a sexual offender for 30 years after he’s released from prison.

According to another recent report, the prosecutor offered the following commentary on the case:

“The defendant had an obligation to ensure the protection and safety of these children, and instead he violated this trust in a way that has far-reaching ramifications for the children. In my experience, these crimes can negatively impact child victims for the rest of their lives and very often set them on a path of self-destruction, instead of a path of growth, responsibility and community action that the Boy Scouts attempt to instill.”

Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have long been aware of a systemic problem of child sexual abuse in scouting programs.  Since the founding of the Boy Scouts in the early 1900s, they have kept secret files on pedophiles that operated in their organization. Historically, even when confronted with allegations of abuse against a Scoutmaster or other adult leader, the Boy Scouts organization was often willing to look the other way, keep the matter quiet, and otherwise avoid taking the necessary actions to protect children.

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