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Donald Robert GreyArticle from Corvallis Gazette-Times

A 61-year-old Oregon City man was sentenced Thursday to 41 months in prison for having a sexual relationship with an underage girl from Corvallis.

Donald Robert Grey was convicted Thursday in Benton County Circuit Court of three counts of second-degree sexual abuse, one count of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse and three counts of second-degree encouraging child sex abuse. All of the charges were felonies.

Grey was also ordered to three years post-prison supervision as a part of the sentence. Benton County Judge Locke Williams, who handed out the sentencing, also ordered Grey to register as a sex offender and not have any contact with the victim or her family. Williams agreed to follow a plea agreement agreed to by both parties.

Grey, who was set to go to trial later this month after pleading not guilty to the charges, amended his plea to guilty prior to sentencing. He was originally charged with 12 counts of felony second-degree sexual abuse and one count of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, but the other charges were dropped or changed as a part of the plea agreement.

Assistant District Attorney Amie Matusko represented the state in the case. Grey was represented by court-appointed attorney Clark Willes.

Prior to sentencing, Willes spoke on behalf of his client to note that he did not agree with all of the facts listed in the charges, but that his client did agree to the plea agreement and that Grey was willing to plead guilty to move forward.

Grey was arrested in October by detectives with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in assistance with the Inter-agency Child Exploitation Prevention Team (INTERCEPT), the Oregon City Police Department and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest followed a month-long Sheriff’s Office investigation into a report that a 16-year-old girl in Corvallis was having a sexual relationship with an adult male in Benton County.

Prior to sentencing, Matusko provided a summary of the investigation, noting that Grey “sought out and cultivated a relationship” with a girl from Corvallis, that he had sexual contact with her and that he encouraged her to send sexually explicit photos of herself to him.

Matusko noted that one troubling issue in the case is that the victim shared the relationship with a number of her friends and none of the friends reported it.

“We encourage anyone who hears something like that to talk to someone about it,” Matusko said later.

Matusko also read a statement in court from the victim, who was present in court during the sentencing.

“You’ve hurt me beyond words I can’t even describe,” the victim said, according to the statement read in court. “You dirty, pathetic man. I despise you. … You made me think I loved you.”

Grey also offered a statement prior to sentencing, apologizing for his actions and asking the victim to forgive him.

“I am deeply sorry for my actions,” Grey said in court. “It was wrong and I knew better. … I am so sorry for everything I’ve done.”

Grey also asked the community of Benton County to forgive him.

“You expect more of your citizens,” he said in court. “In this matter I have failed you.”

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