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Oregon Men Settle Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts

By September 2, 2010March 19th, 2024No Comments

By Amelia Templeton
September 1, 2010 
Six men who alleged they were sexually abused by an Oregon Boy Scouts leader in the 1980s have settled their lawsuit. The men sued  the Boy Scouts of America and its local branch, the Cascade Pacific Council.

At a press conference today, attorney Kelly Clark would not say how much money each plaintiff would receive from the Boy Scouts.

Kelly Clark: “What is not confidential about the settlement is that the state of Oregon will be paid $2.2 million in punitive damages directly by the Boy Scouts. And we believe this will be the first time ever that the Boy Scouts have paid punitive damages.”

One of the six plaintiffs, Kerry Lewis, went to trial this spring. A jury found the Scouts negligent for failing to warn Lewis’ family that his scoutmaster had abused other boys.

They awarded a record $20 million in damages. But the Scouts said they planned to appeal.

The settlement ends that litigation. The Boy Scouts said in a statement they are focusing on improving their youth protection program.