Our Approach

Empowering Victims to Obtain Accountability for the Past and Change for the Future

Sexual abuse comes in many forms. Each victim has a unique story about what happened and the impact it has had.

At Crew Janci LLP, our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience helping hundreds of victims of sexual abuse and other crimes. We are dedicated to empowering victims of sexual violence and other crimes to achieve the healing they need and the justice they deserve.

We regularly consult with survivors of sexual abuse that simply need to break their silence and talk to someone.  Often, our team member is the first person the survivor has ever told.  Sometimes, it has been decades since the abuse happened; other times, the call comes the same day.  Many of these men and women decide not to pursue legal claims at all, and in those circumstances, we view it as our job– and our honor – to walk alongside, to listen, to suggest counselors or other resources, and to support them in their process of healing.

Lawsuits are a tough business.  There is no “one size fits all” approach that works for every survivor.  And some survivors rightly decide that, for them, its best to choose a different path.

But for many people, pursuing civil justice is an important and helpful step on the journey of healing and recovery from sexual violence and other crimes.  It is our job to help survivors fully understand their options, the challenges and difficulties they will face, and what can be accomplished along the way – including monetary compensation and non-monetary justice (like an apology, a policy change, or a similar goal).

Ultimately, we believe the legal process should serve the survivor in their healing – not the other way around.  In other words, we do our best to work for the whole person. If you decide that civil justice is your goal, you will not find more tenacious and experienced than Crew Janci LLP.