Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church is a Christian denomination with nearly 17 million followers in more than 200 countries overseen by the General Conference. Unfortunately, like many other religious institutions, some SDA pastors, elders, teachers, and Pathfinder leaders have taken advantage of children within the Church’s care, violating their positions of trust and authority in order to exploit vulnerable parishioners who look to the Church for protection and support. These predators know how to twist and manipulate the teachings of Ellen White and other SDA Church teachings to win the obedience and silence of child victims. Too often, even when a perpetrator has been discovered, the SDA Church leadership and hierarchy has failed to live up to its values and failed to fulfill its obligation to its followers. Instead, at times, the SDA Church has chosen to protect the predator and the SDA Church’s own reputation over that of the health and safety of the victims.

At Crew Janci LLP, we know how to uncover and expose the patterns of abuse and concealment within religious organizations. Our attorneys have represented a number of current and former members of the SDA Church who were abused as children by trusted pastors, teachers, or other church leaders. We appreciate how difficult it can be for victims to come forward and report abuse, especially within a close-knit religious community.

Every survivor who finds the courage to step forward and disclose sexual abuse suffered within the SDA Church helps to shine a light on SDA Abuse problem. We work with survivors to help them on their path to healing and recovery, and empower them to make the SDA Church – and its Pathfinder Clubs, boarding schools, and other activities — a safer place for all.

We’re here to help victims obtain healing, justice, and change. If you are a victim of sexual abuse within a Seventh-day Adventist church, boarding school, or other SDA organization, contact the lawyers at Crew Janci LLP today for SDA spiritual abuse help.

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