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Public Statement by Kelly Clark Regarding Northwest Jesuit Bankruptcy

By February 18, 2009June 22nd, 2020No Comments

In reference to the recent developments regarding the Northwest Jesuits bankruptcy filing, Kelly Clark, Portland attorney who represents a number of clients who were abused by priests and nuns of the Catholic Church, has released this statement on the filing of the bankruptcy on Tuesday by the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus.

“We have expected this bankruptcy filing for some time now.  We know that the Oregon Province– which covers Alaska, as well as Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana—had in recent decades an overwhelming problem with priest abuse of children, especially of native children in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Frs. James Poole and Frank Duffy alone account for dozens, perhaps hundreds, of broken and abused children.

“We also know from various court cases and depositions in those cases that the Province often sent troubled or abusive priests from place to place, especially to Alaska, even with the knowledge that they had abused kids. Now they are facing hundreds of claims.  Now these secret crimes and secret cover ups will see the light of day.  Now, finally, for some of these victims who have carried the shame and brokenness of childhood sexual abuse, justice will be done.”

“My clients would say this to anyone who would blame them for the Jesuits’ financial trouble:  ‘The Jesuits should look in the mirror; they have no one to blame for their predicament but themselves. What the Jesuits are seeing is simply the consequences of their own actions.’ “

Stay tuned for further developments and a possible public statement and press conference on Wednesday or Thursday, from one or more of attorney Clark’s clients who were abused by Frs. Poole and Duffy.

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