Child Sexual Abuse

$19.9 Million Verdict in Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America

Over $3 million Adult survivor of child sexual abuse in youth serving organization

Over $3 million Child molestation in religious organization

Over $3 million Rape of a child in youth activity organization

Over $3 million Negligent failure to prevent child sexual abuse in institution of ...

Over $3 million Recovery for adult who was sexually abused as a child ...

Over $3 million Child sex abuse claims by victim with nonprofit corporation

$2,750,000 Adult survivor of child sexual abuse in church setting

$2,000,000 Brutal sexual abuse of female survivor

$2,000,000 Child sexual abuse decades before in child-caring organization

$1,950,000 Sexual abuse of a child by known pedophile in church

$1,900,000 Child molestation in institution of trust

$1,900,000 Negligent failure to protect against child rape by an adult ...

$1,800,000 Sex abuse in outdoor youth organization

$1,750,000 Church knowingly allowed sex offender to have access to victim

$1,650,000 Negligent failure to prevent abuse by a known sexual predator

$1,500,000 School — sexual abuse and exploitation of a child

$1,500,000 Sex abuse by a family member in church leadership position

$1,500,000 Religious sexual abuse and church’s failure to report child abuse

$1,500,000 Adult survivor of sex abuse in youth organization

$1,200,000 Sexual assault on a child

$1,200,000 Adult survivor of sex abuse in institution of trust

$1,200,000 Care provider liable for child sexual abuse

$1,000,000 Religious order failed to prevent sexual abuse

$1,000,000 Sexual molestation of a child in youth serving organization

$1,000,000 Adult survivor obtains settlement for childhood sex abuse

$975,000 Faith-based organization

$950,000 Child abuse in youth group

$900,000 Sexual child abuse in faith-based camping group

$850,000 Church liable for sexual abuse of by youth leader

$850,000 Negligent failure to supervise youth leader resulting in sex abuse

$750,000 Clergy sex abuse

$750,000 Childhood sexual abuse

$750,000 Youth organization negligently failed to warn of risk of child ...

$750,000 Sexual abuse of a child by a youth pastor

$750,000 Out-of-state sexual abuse by youth leader

$700,000 Child sexual abuse by trusted clergyman

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