At Crew Janci LLP, we are dedicated to empowering victims of sexual violence and other crimes to achieve the healing they need, the justice they deserve, and the change they demand.

Boy Scout Abuse

We hold the Boy Scouts accountable for sex abuse by its scout leaders.

Private and Public School Abuse

If you are a survivor of sex abuse in public or private school, contact us.

Mormon Abuse

Break the silence about sexual abuse within the LDS/Mormon church.

SDA Abuse

We have advocated for many victims of abuse within the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Priest & Catholic Abuse

We have successfully litigated claims against sexual abuse committed by priests, nuns and other religious leaders across the country.

Sports / Camps Abuse

Coaches Are in Positions of Trust with Children in Youth Sports

Title IX / Colleges & Universities

Universities Have an Obligation to Protect Students

Other Religious / Clergy Abuse

We know how to uncover and expose the patterns of abuse and concealment within religious organizations

Orphanage / Foster Home Abuse

The Most Vulnerable Children Need the Most Protection

Sexual Abuse At Treatment Facilities And Care Providers

Treatment Providers Should Keep You Safe In Your Most Vulnerable Moments

Child Porn & Trafficking

Exploiting a Vulnerable Child Leaves Invisible Scars

Sexual Abuse Crime Victim Rights

Crime Victims Deserve An Advocate in Their Corner