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BEAVERTON, OR  – A basketball coach in Beaverton is accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl, and detectives believe there may be more victims.

The investigation into Laurence Metz, 34, of Beaverton, began in December 2016.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Child Abuse Unit worked with the Oregon Department of Human Services after receiving a report that a coach had sexually abused a girl.

Investigators said Metz befriended a family through his work as a youth basketball coach at VillaSport Athletic Club in Beaverton and subsequently abused a teen girl multiple times.

Metz was arrested Oct. 6 on charges of second-degree sex abuse. He was booked into the Washington County Jail, but he posted bail and was released the same day.

He is due back in court Wednesday.

Detectives said Metz runs a company called Metz Basketball Academy and held classes at The Courts, a gym in Beaverton.

FOX 12 spoke to Tim Black, who coaches a young boys team at The Courts. He says he doesn’t know Metz, but he knows coaching requires trust.

“We do right by the kids. You know, it’s not about just saying it or speaking it, it’s about doing it and we want to live our life the right way and do what’s best for them and their families as well,” said Black.

FOX 12 also spoke to a parent at The Courts who said while she doesn’t know Metz, she is disgusted by what he’s accused of doing.

“It should not happen to anyone, it should not happen to anyone. Not boys, not girls, and if this has happened especially in our community that makes me concerned as a parent,” said Evy Abadi.

Due to Metz’ extensive contact with minors over the years, detectives believe there may be additional victims.

Anyone with information about Metz or this investigation is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 503-846-2500.

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