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news-oregon-houseDear Representatives:

We know that the trauma of child sex abuse lasts a lifetime – but the time available to sex abuse victims to seek justice is too short. Most victims of child sex abuse are too young to speak out. When they are adults they still face trauma, depression, addiction and shame.

Our laws should give victims a chance to hold perpetrators accountable – and to expose them for the danger they are to all of our children.  My firm is honored to represent child abuse victims in civil lawsuits.  Although we are not involved in criminal cases, we understand how important it is to a victim’s healing for abusers to face criminal charges.

House Bill 3284 eliminates the criminal statute of limitations for the certain sex crimes against minors – Sex Abuse in the First Degree, Sodomy in the First Degree, Child Sex Abuse in the First Degree, Unlawful Sexual Penetration in the First Degree, and Incest.  HB 3284 only applies to offenders who are over 18 at the time of the crime.

Currently the statute of limitations on these crimes expires when the victim turns 30.  The proposed change would allow a District Attorney to bring charges at any time the crime is reported if they feel there is adequate evidence for a trial.

It is time to open the doors of justice to victims of child sex abuse and hold offenders accountable.  Please support HB 3284!