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United Methodist Youth Minister, James Ray Clark, Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children

By March 17, 2014June 20th, 2020No Comments

A 48 year old Glynn County United Methodist youth minister and middle school band director resigned  on Wednesday after he was charged by Darien Police Department with sexually molesting at least two children.

James Ray Clark, who has been a teacher for over 25 years and a youth minister in Georgia and Florida, lives alone and raises snakes.

According to The Darien News, Mr. Clark was arraigned Friday on $55,100 bail on charges of “aggravated child molestation and criminal attempt to commit statutory rape.”

Apparently, the first person who tipped off the police said that Clark had assaulted them while he was a youth minister for the Georgia-based Loganville First United Methodist Church back in 2000-2001.

Clark, who received the designation of “Glynn County Teacher of Year” by his colleagues, resigned from his position at Jane Macon Middle School the day before he was arrested.

Here is a link to another article in which a United Methodist minister, Rev. William Walker, abused his position of trust in his community.

If you were abused by James Ray Clark,  or if you know of someone else who has been abused by a school teacher or a youth minister in the United Methodist Church, contact us at 503-306-0224 or email today.