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Why We’re Calling for a Congressional Investigation

By October 23, 2012March 20th, 2024No Comments

Since last week’s public release of 14,500 pages of the Boy Scouts Perversion Files, thousands of concerned citizens have looked at the documents and expressed outrage over their findings.  The documents cover a period from 1959 to 1985 and some have argued that all this is in the past and that the Boy Scouts have learned their lesson and cleaned up their act.  How I wish that were so.  Each week, we are still reading news reports of some involved in Scouting activities being arrested for sexually molesting children or possessing child pornography.

That’s why we’re not stopping with the release of the Perversion Files.  We are calling on Congress to investigate the operations and practices of the Boy Scouts as it relates to the welfare of our children.   The United States Congress is the proper venue for such an investigation because the Boy Scouts of America are a Congressionally chartered organization.  Thus far, US Senator Scott Brown has joined the fight to protect children.  Senator Brown is himself a victim of childhood sexual abuse and knows all too well the devastating effects such abuse can have on the spiritual, social, and psychological development of a child.

If you’re concerned for the welfare and protection of our children, join us in calling on Congress to act now.