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CORVALLIS, OR – A Wilsonville man arrested in April after officers said he was peeping in windows was arrested again Monday after investigators found thousands of child sex abuse images on his cell phone.

Officers with the Corvallis Police Department arrested 35-year-old Corey Robert Koch on 54 counts of second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse at his job in Philomath. Koch was taken to the Benton County Jail and is being held on $4,050,000 bail.

According to police, the investigation into Koch began when he was first arrested on April 13. Officers said he was at a residence in the 700 block of Southwest Washington Avenue in Corvallis peeping through a window at a partially dressed woman.

FOX 12 spoke to the man who says he chased down and tackled Koch on the night of April 13 until police arrived to arrest him.

Daniel Coyle says he was driving down Southwest Washington Avenue in Corvallis when he saw what appeared to be someone working on his friend’s apartment.

Coyle says the home is a converted historical building, so it doesn’t look like a typical home. He says he quickly realized something was wrong.

“Sure enough, it was like a ‘Peeping Tom.’ He had a balaclava on with just the eyes. It was just like right out of a movie,” said Coyle.

Coyle said he got out of his car and confronted the man peering into the back windows of the apartment.

“He was kind of doing a pull up. His feet were off the ground. He was kind of pulling up on the windowsill to look to see,” said Coyle.

After Coyle confronted Koch is when they both took off in a sprint down SW Washington Ave., then down 7th Street.

“It wasn’t a hard decision. I wasn’t feeling scared about it. I was kind of excited to catch the bad guy,” Coyle said.

Coyle says he was able to finally tackle the man down on someone’s front lawn with a wrestling move he remembered from years back.

“I think I told him, ‘Don’t make this hard for me or this is gonna really, really hurt,'” Coyle said.

Coyle says he told a neighbor to call police while he held onto Koch.

Police arrived, seizing the mask and Koch’s cell phone and arrested him on charges of invasion of personal privacy and second-degree criminal trespass.

After obtaining a warrant to search Koch’s cell phone, investigators said they discovered several images and videos of unidentified women photographed in various states of undress without their knowledge.

The investigators also so that searches of the phone uncovered thousands of images of child sex abuse, and arrested Koch Monday based on that new evidence.

On Monday, Coyle learned of Koch’s latest charges.

“Good that I could interrupt that, not just for my friend but actually for him, too. Be someone who interrupts something that I’m guessing doesn’t work for him in his life,” Coyle said.

Officers said this investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information relating to the case is asked to contact Detective Greg Kantola at 541-766-6781.

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