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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Boy Scout Abuse

We hold the Boy Scouts accountable for sex abuse by its scout leaders.

Priest / Catholic Abuse

If you are a survivor of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, contact us.

Mormon Abuse Attorneys

If you're a victim of sex abuse within the LDS/Mormon church, break the silence.

SDA Abuse

If you were sexually abused in your Seventh-day Adventist church, contact us.

Other Religious / Clergy Abuse

We help victims of sexual abuse in religious organizations across the country.

Orphanage / Foster Home Abuse

If you were abused in an orphanage or foster home, contact us.

Treatment Facilities and Care Providers

Contact us if you have been abused while in a hospital or by a care provider.

Sports / Camps Abuse

If you were sexually abused by a sports coach or at a camp, contact our attorneys.

Public / Private / Boarding Schools

School should be a safe place for children to learn, not to be abused.

Title IX / Colleges & Universities

Title IX protects your rights against discrimination under any education program.

Child Porn & Trafficking

Child porn and trafficking are despicable crimes that need to be exposed.

Crime Victims Rights

We help victims of sexual abuse and other violent crimes.


$ 84 million

Jury verdict in antitrust class action (largest such verdict in ...

$19.9 Million

Verdict in Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America

Over $3 million

Adult survivor of child sexual abuse in youth serving organization

Over $3 million

Child molestation in religious organization

Over $3 million

Rape of a child in youth activity organization

Over $3 million

Negligent failure to prevent child sexual abuse in institution of ...

Over $3 million

Recovery for adult who was sexually abused as a child ...

Over $3 million

Child sex abuse claims by victim with nonprofit corporation


Adult survivor of child sexual abuse in church setting


Brutal sexual abuse of female survivor


Child sexual abuse decades before in child-caring organization


Sexual abuse of a child by known pedophile in church


Child molestation in institution of trust


Negligent failure to protect against child rape by an adult ...


Sex abuse in outdoor youth organization


Church knowingly allowed sex offender to have access to victim


Negligent failure to prevent abuse by a known sexual predator


School — sexual abuse and exploitation of a child


Sex abuse by a family member in church leadership position


Religious sexual abuse and church’s failure to report child abuse


Adult survivor of sex abuse in youth organization


Sexual assault on a child


Adult survivor of sex abuse in institution of trust


Care provider liable for child sexual abuse


Religious order failed to prevent sexual abuse


Sexual molestation of a child in youth serving organization


Adult survivor obtains settlement for childhood sex abuse


Faith-based organization


Child abuse in youth group


Sexual child abuse in faith-based camping group


Church liable for sexual abuse of by youth leader


Negligent failure to supervise youth leader resulting in sex abuse


Clergy sex abuse


Childhood sexual abuse


Youth organization negligently failed to warn of risk of child ...


Sexual abuse of a child by a youth pastor


Out-of-state sexual abuse by youth leader


Child sexual abuse by trusted clergyman