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Abuse Survivor Testifies in Court

By April 17, 2013June 20th, 2020No Comments

Now 51 years old, a courageous survivor is able to speak about the sexual abuse that started when he was six years old.  Since those dark days of sexual abuse, he has been haunted by those memories and his life spiraled into alcohol and drug abuse as well as two suicide attempts.  Once he was able to achieve sobriety, he found the courage to come forward and confront his abuser, former hockey referee Michael Dimmick.

scout1According to court testimony, “The prosecution alleges that when Dimmick stopped molesting him, he then turned to the witness’ brother, who’s two years younger, and two of their pals.  In her opening statement to Justice Mary Lou Benotto, Crown attorney Kelly Simpson said Dimmick committed sexual crimes after winning the trust of the siblings’ parents.

Dimmick, now 75, has pleaded not guilty to the 14 sexual offences involving four boys aged six to 14 years old between Sept. 1, 1968 and Dec. 31, 1978.”