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Man sues Boy Scout Cascade Pacific Council for $3 million

By August 15, 2007June 18th, 2020No Comments

By Gina Parosa

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Victim’s attorney wants a jury to agree that the Scouts were at fault for allowing Donald Santy to be a scout leader.

An anonymous man who is 60 years old is suing the Boy Scouts, saying a leader sexually abused him in the early 1960s. Attorney Kelly Clark says the statute of limitations has not run out in this case, because the victim only recently revealed he was abused by Donald Santy. Santy did time for sex abuse in 1961, but this victim did not reveal his abuse at the time. Clark says the man has had successful careers in the military and business, but now wants money to pay for the mental stress he is suffering now. The victim has already received one cash settlement in connection with this abuse, but the Boy Scouts wouldn’t pay. He is hoping a jury will agree that the Scouts were at fault for allowing Santy to be a leader.