KGW News Interview with Peter Janci
Portland Rock Attack

KGW News interviewed Crew Janci LLP attorney Peter Janci about the ongoing civil suit against Unity Center for Behavioral Health after a recently released patient hit a woman over the head with a 34-pound rock.

Peter Janci Discusses
Portland Negligent Security Lawsuit

PORTLAND, OR. — March 29, 2023. Victim of a violent attack at Unity Center for Behavioral Health files a civil lawsuit in Portland, Oregon, for negligent security.

Restore Hope Interview with
Peter Janci

Restore Hope recently interviewed Crew Janci LLP attorney Peter Janci about our work advocating for victims of child sexual abuse and the real reasons that victims file civil lawsuits.

Peter Janci Calls For Answers Over
Child Sexual Abuse

PORTLAND, OR. — Dec 4, 2018. On Monday, Portland police admitted a child sex crime case involving a former teacher was delayed for years.

Catholic Sex Abuse Lawsuit:
Peter Janci Represents

Boy Scout Sex Abuse:
Stephen Crew Represents

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