Orphanage / Foster Home Abuse

The Most Vulnerable Children Need the Most Protection

Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents across the United States are inducted in private and publicly-funded foster homes, safe houses, and orphanages (including “boys homes” and “girls homes”). These children are often removed from their current situation by a government agency and placed in a new home that is meant to provide safety, healing, and recovery.

Foster programs and orphanages are intended to provide safe havens for emotionally distressed children removed from dangerous environments. Unfortunately, too often these children are subjected to further trauma, neglect, and abuse by the very foster parents, surrogate care providers, or agencies responsible for facilitating a loving and safe environment.

Under-staffing, under-funding, lack of training, and lack of proper oversight often mean state workers cannot provide the level of support and supervision necessary to keep children in these settings safe. Social workers and agency personnel sometimes fail to properly screen foster parents, conduct complete background checks on youth care facility employees, investigate program volunteers, or follow up with children once they are placed with new foster families, orphanages, or other child care homes.

Sexual predators take advantage of these opportunities to groom and abuse vulnerable children placed in foster care and orphanages. Many times, these children have no one to turn to for help. Without any family, trusted adults, or advocates to speak on their behalf, these children are forced to endure neglect or sexual, physical, or emotional abuse in silence for months or even years. Victims are coerced into remaining in a dangerous situation, fearing further harm or other repercussions if they report the abuse.

Sometimes, victims are simply more afraid of the potential abuse or neglect they think they may face in the next foster home or orphanage if they report. The sad truth is that many of these children, who are most vulnerable and most in need of security and safety, suffer abuse and harm at the hands of those entrusted with their care.

When foster parents, orphanage employees, or state agencies fail to protect children in their care or choose to ignore signs of child abuse, they may be liable for the child’s resulting injuries and damage. At Crew Janci LLP, we are honored to have been a voice for so many children and adults who were sexually or physically abused in orphanages (like the Children’s Farm Home), foster care, or other safe houses for youth – whether private or public.

We are committed to assisting survivors confront their abusers as well as challenge institutions that enabled the abuse. Please contact Crew Janci LLP today. Together, we can make a change.

Orphanage / Foster Home Abuse Fact Sheet

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In 2010, attorneys from Crew Janci LLP were part of the Plaintiff’s trial team in the landmark case of Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America, which involved claims for sexual abuse by a Scoutmaster in a Portland, Oregon, Scout Troop operated through a local Mormon (LDS) church. The trial lasted six weeks and garnered international press coverage, ultimately resulting in a jury award for the victim of compensatory and punitive damages which totaled $19 Million.

The centerpiece of the Kerry Lewis trial was BSA’s now infamous secret files on pedophiles in Scouting – known as the “Perversion Files” or “IV Files” (now publicly available through our website). The Secret Files were introduced into evidence at trial and, for the first time ever, made public. Since then, we have created and maintained a database of these files our website.

We continue to represented victims abused in Scouting across the country and abroad. If you or someone you love has been a victim of childhood sexual abuse in Scouting, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred, contact the experienced attorneys at Crew Janci LLP today to determine your options.

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