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At Crew Janci, we recognize the profound and lasting pain and distress experienced by survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. Our renowned law firm is dedicated to holding large national organizations and trusted institutions accountable for ignoring and enabling these reprehensible crimes. Utilizing a distinctive blend of legal expertise and acumen combined with a trauma-informed support approach, we provide survivors with the opportunity for justice and the possibility of enduring healing and advocacy on their own terms. 

For those who have experienced adult or child sexual abuse, here are 12 resources and places to turn that might help victims and their loved ones.

1. RAINN supports survivors of sexual assault, including childhood sexual abuse, and educates the public about sexual violence. They offer a phone helpline and online chat line:

2. Adult Survivors of Child Abuse offers support services and resources for adults who have survived childhood sexual abuse. They also offer web-based and community-based self-help support groups:

3. National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse offers many resources for survivors such as articles about recovery and managing trauma associated with abuse, as well as a comprehensive list of websites and online resources for survivors and family members:

4. Pandora’s Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family:

5. OAASIS Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service provides support and resources for survivors and engages in public education and advocacy work:

6. SNAP Survivors Network of Abuse by Priests is a network of survivors of institutional sexual abuse:

7. Support for Partners provides support, resources, and information for partners of those that have been sexually abused as children:

There are also some resources designed specifically for men (as historically underreported victims of sexual violence):

8. 1 in 6 provides information and services including an online helpline and lending library, to men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences:

9. Male Survivor provides support and resources specifically to male survivors. The website includes information about how to find support, directories of support groups and therapists, and helpful articles:

Here are some places to turn to with help in finding a counselor or therapist:

10. Are you thinking about counseling or looking for a therapist to talk with about your abuse or to address any of the issues that may be of concern to you? This is a link to a resource guide for how to research, find, and select a therapist:\

11. From Male Survivor, “A Consumer’s Guide to Therapist Shopping”: 

12. The WINGS Foundation provides education, advocacy, and support to adult survivors and their loved ones. They offer a helpful guide to finding trauma-informed therapists and those who understand the complex dynamics of childhood sexual abuse:

Crew Janci has a strong track record of handling cases for victims of sexual abuse. Our experience includes representing survivors who have suffered abuse within various institutions and organizations. If you feel you need legal counsel or would like to explore your options, please contact us.

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