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Washington State Teacher Under Investigation for Possible Molestation of 5th Grader

By July 16, 2013June 22nd, 2020No Comments

Scootney SpringsWe are seeing more and more cases involving women accused of sexually exploiting and molesting boys.  This week, police are investigating a female teacher in Washington state.  Scootney Springs Elementary School teacher Lisa Davis faces allegations that she sexually molested one of her fifth grade students – a 10 year old boy who no doubt trusted his teacher as much as he trusted his own mother.

“Our investigation unveiled some criminal elements. Enough to charge her, we believe,” Othello police chief Alvia Dunnigan told the local NBC affiliate.

According to news stories, the police want the county prosecutor to charge Davis with first degree child molestation.  Davis has resigned from her job as a teacher.

Boys need to be encouraged to come forward and tell their parents or other adult when anyone acts in a sexually inappropriate way with them.  Adult women taking sexual advantage of young boys is not something to laugh off – the confusion and long-term effects can lead to years of struggle for these boys.  The sooner they can talk about what happened and get support, the better they will be.