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Why the Boy Scout IV “Perversion” Files Are Crucial in Stopping Child Sexual Abuse

By January 8, 2014March 20th, 2024No Comments

While some institutions of public trust would rather downplay the internal documents that document the sexual abuse of minors, the truth is that such documents are integral to putting a stop to future child sex abuse.  Why?  Criminal acts such as child sexual abuse thrive in a climate of fear and secrecy.  The publication of these documents makes these actions transparent and demonstrates the role the institutions that sponsored, employed, or recommended these perpetrators had in allowing the sex abuser to continue to abuse children. 

Since history has a tendency to repeat itself, thorough knowledge of the past may lead to corrective actions in the future.  Perhaps more importantly, the publication of these documents holds the perpetrators and institutions that protected them accountable. 

We’ve published these IV (ineligible volunteers) files and made them available in a searchable format.  As advocates for survivors of sexual abuse, we believe we have a duty to protect children in the future as well as seek justice for those who’ve been harmed by sexual abuse in the past.  Our mission is to make our communities safe for all children.  For those who have been harmed by sexual abuse in the past, we are here to help, to listen, and to advocate on your behalf.